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Pres by Cov

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Hollywood Braces – How Stars Got Their Hollywood Smiles

When you see the perfect Hollywood smile on the big screen, it can make you think that your own dazzling smile is out of reach. However, a red carpet-ready smile isn’t always genetic – many of the stars we admire had to undergo orthodontic treatment to achieve their model-straight teeth. Whether rocking less-visible ceramic braces or invisible lingual braces, the celebrity smiles we envy often come courtesy of a skilled orthodontist.

Tom Cruise – His Hollywood smile hollywood braces may look a little more permanent than yours (thanks to veneers and crowns), but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t fitted for braces as an adolescent. In fact, he was wearing a form of traditional metal braces until he was 40. If you’re considering braces, ask your West Hollywood orthodontist about Invisalign, which is clear and virtually undetectable to the eye.

Gwen Stefani – Her parents are Hollywood royalty and she was acting before she could even pronounce her own name, but crooked and crowded teeth didn’t stop this superstar singer-songwriter. She opted for Invisalign clear braces to straighten her teeth.

Daniel Ricciardo – The Aussie Formula 1 star’s dazzling smile is probably more famous for his fast cars and racing achievements than his teeth, but they were crowded and crooked before he got braces as an adult. He chose Invisalign for a more discreet treatment option, which he still wears today.

Kendall Jenner – She’s been modeling since she was a tween and has a clothing line with her sister Kylie, but her smile isn’t just for show. She wore traditional metal braces as a teen, and she admits that she didn’t wear her retainers consistently, which caused one of her teeth to go crooked. That’s why she’s back in braces again, this time with Invisalign clear braces to correct the problem.

Emma Watson – Her spellbinding smile as Hermione in the Harry Potter series wasn’t just down to Madame Pomfrey’s magic wand shrinking her curse teeth; it was thanks to her orthodontist and Invisalign.

Once you get your teeth straightened, you’ll have a huge leg up on other actors who have never worn braces. This will give you more audition opportunities, especially if you’re interested in theater, which is less likely to notice braces than film or television. In addition, your straighter teeth and improved bite will help to support a healthy temporomandibular joint.

The key to success as an actor is not hiding or attempting to hide the fact that you have braces. Instead, own your Hollywood smile and make sure that all of your headshots (and clips, if you have them) feature them. Some actors try to photoshop their braces out of their headshots or use an old one when auditioning, but this will only cause casting directors to get mad and not call you in for the roles you’re right for.

It’s also important to continue networking, training, and auditioning while you have your braces on – that way, when they’re off, you’ll be ready to book the role of your dreams!